How Becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Changed My Life


Everyone who comes into Mary Kay has their own experience to share. The career of a beauty consultant isn’t for everyone. While some turn it into a full-time career, others only come into Mary Kay for a season. The following explains why Mary Kay was just a season for me and how it changed my life.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make.

After proclaiming in a previous post how much I loved the new company I was with, I felt like I would be laughed at if, after roughly five months of giving it a whirl, I were to suddenly say “I’m done.”

Well, I’m finally over the part where I care about what other people think. Therefore, I’m done (respectfully, of course).

My past experience

Mary Kay was the fourth direct sales company I’d been a part of. First, it was Cutco, then New Vision (no longer a company), then Monavie (currently Jeunesse), and finally Mary Kay.

Each time I’ve walked away from them, I’ve felt some level of failure, of embarrassment. (Except for Cutco. I must have been too young.) But, looking back, I learned a lot through each of those experiences. And, with Mary Kay, I don’t feel like I failed. I feel like I accomplished what I needed to accomplish – finding myself again.

I’m myself again

Over the last few months, I’ve learned so much about myself that I’d even go so far as to say that joining Mary Kay helped me circle back and find myself. And because of how much it has helped, I don’t really feel like Mary Kay failed me. I feel like it saved me.

In case you’ve been out of the loop (or not paying attention), you’ll recall that I joined Mary Kay during a time when my self-esteem was pretty broken. I’d been struggling with valuing my self-worth and was pretty much a hot mess. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, though. I would try and hide my sadness from people I’d run into, even my own family. I wouldn’t engage in conversations with people and I would often keep my head down and avoid eye contact. I didn’t want anyone looking into my eyes for fear of letting them see the hurt inside.

Basically, Mary Kay pulled me out of the ditches and put me back on the road. My head is much clearer and I have more value and respect for myself than I’ve had in a long time. A. Long, long. Time.

I’m ready to move on

I’m not going to give all the credit to Mary Kay for my recent transformation, but joining Mary Kay was definitely the start of heading back in the right direction. Things happened in the perfect order after joining Mary Kay to get me to where I am right now.

I am at a deep peace with myself and I am excited to put Mary Kay behind me so that I can move forward and embrace whatever God has planned for me.

I will forever be thankful to the Mary Kay director who reached out in faith and helped pull be back on dry land. She can never truly know how much I appreciate her faith in me and all the guidance and support she gave me during a time when I needed it most. We were destined to meet, I truly believe that. And I hope that she and I can remain great friends as I venture away from Mary Kay and follow where my heart takes me.

In my next post, I will discuss more on how I came to the decision to walk away from Mary Kay.

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