31 Lessons I’ve Learned in My 31 Years of Life

Those public service announcement commercials joking about how you cannot parent in two minutes are a hoot! Wouldn’t it be awesome, though, if we really could parent in less than two minutes?

Here is a list I created of 31 lessons I’ve learned in the 31 years of my life (yes, I’m a millenial). These are the lessons that I wish that I could teach my children just by having them read them.

They may not understand this list now, but hopefully one day they will.

31 Lessons I’ve Learned in My 31 Years of Life

  1. Put God first, always.
  2. If you get married, water it daily. It won’t grow without it. Forget to and it’ll die.
  3. Take care of your body by eating right and staying active.
  4. Always ask questions.
  5. Trust your instincts.
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  7. More money doesn’t equal a happier life.
  8. Always seek knowledge.
  9. Never share bad news (unless it’s to help a friend or family member out of a bad situation).
  10. Your body is stronger than you realize.
  11. Not everyone agrees with you.
  12. The opinions of others matter (sometimes).
  13. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  14. Respect everyone.
  15. When life gets messy, clean it up.
  16. Over-scheduling your days will lead to burn out.
  17.  God will see you through everything.
  18. You’re clothes, hair and make-up don’t make you beautiful. You are beautiful.
  19. Stay away from people who aren’t happy for your successes.
  20. Love everyone. Hurt no one.
  21. You get what you give. Give more and you’ll get more.
  22. Talk to people as often as possible. We all crave someone who’ll listen.
  23. Place more value on your relationships with others, not on things.
  24. Smile. It’s contagious.
  25. Laugh more. It keeps you young.
  26. Voice your feelings. Don’t bottle them inside or it will eat you up.
  27. You can forgive without forgetting.
  28. You don’t need anything to have a good time except your free will.
  29. Just because you’ve heard the lecture, doesn’t mean you’ve learned the lesson.
  30. Schedule time for yourself.
  31. Love yourself first so you’ll have more than enough love to spread to the world.

What lessons would be on your list?

Leave a comment below or head over to our Facebook Group and share it with us there!

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