What Difficult Yoga Poses Taught Me About Avoiding Life’s Challenges

The more challenging yoga poses remind me of how life can sometimes be.

We know that something will be beneficial, yet difficult. Sometimes we procrastinate, tiptoeing around it.

But then one day, we feel brave and go for it!

The obstacle we were avoiding (like the yoga pose) may prove tricky to master. Yet, little by little we experience self-pride for trying.

That pride pushes us to keep trying again and again until one day, we master it!

Stretching through yoga poses has taught me that life requires us to make tiny reaches, adjustments. Then, as those feel comfortable, we stretch ourselves further – always seeking to grow. We can’t just jump in and expect to master something overnight.

So if you’re unhappy with an area of your life, start stretching it.

Think about what you can do different today that will take you just outside your comfort zone, taking you one step closer to your goal.

Leave a comment below or share one in our Facebook Group so I can encourage you to stretch and grow!

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