Moving Medical Records is Just as Important as Moving Your Stuff

Sure, I messed up, but the nurse could have seriously messed up if I wasn’t such an analytical mother.

This is why it’s important for parents to keep accurate medical records when moving – to avoid mistakes like the one we avoided.

During my daughter’s three-year physical, the nurse said that they didn’t have records from my previous pediatrician, but that her information was in their state database and, according to that, she was behind on her shots. The nurse handed me a packet with all the different shots she would be receiving after the doctor’s examination. I looked over them (there were at least five) and I noticed that Hepatitis B was listed in there. Since the paperwork said it was a vaccine that was administered under age two, I thought, “surely she had to be up-to-date on that.”

I questioned the nurse again, but only after I made a quick call to my old pediatrician (yes, while sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor) to find out about the whole “not transferring records thing.”

Turns out, the pediatrician faxed my other daughter’s information, but not anything for my three-year-old.


She had turned two before we moved to the area, and I recalled being told she wouldn’t receive more shots until she goes to school.

Something didn’t add up.

I asked the nurse to provide me with a medical release form so that I could have my old pediatrician fax over her shot record. I just knew that there was no way that she could be behind.

I walked out of there without shots because they were still waiting on the fax from the pediatrician. Upon leaving, I remembered that I had to provide a shot record to my daughter’s daycare. I drove over, asked the owner for a copy, and stared at it.

It looked pretty current to me. Guess my mommy hunch was right.

I still cannot believe it. That nurse wanted to tell me that my daughter was behind based on information in a medical database in the state’s system – a system which doesn’t connect to other states.

I was so shocked that, when I got home, I posted a Facebook Live about it for my friends. In that video, I expressed my concern for how many parents aren’t paying close attention and just go ahead and agreed to what the nurse says.


Yes, I forgot to provide the doctor with my daughter’s shot record when I first moved to the area. My bad. And because I forgot and I’d been in the area so long, it totally didn’t dawn on me that they wouldn’t have the information. Important medical record information slipped through the cracks and it almost cost my daughter getting extra doses of shots, which could have resulted in God knows what. I don’t even want to imagine the possible, traumatic outcomes.

When you move, make sure one of the first things you do is obtain accurate medical records from your doctors so that you can immediately provide it to your new doctor in your new town. You do not want to accidentally give more vaccinations to a child than they actually need (assuming they really need the ones they tell us we have to give them anyway).

Have you ever been in a similar situation at a doctors office? How did the situation play out?

One thought on “Moving Medical Records is Just as Important as Moving Your Stuff

  1. There are two schools of thought about “the right time to move.” Some experts say that summer is the best time because it avoids disrupting the school year. Others say that midyear is better because a child can meet other kids right away.


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