3 Undervalued Tips for Surviving Family Vacations

In the summer of 2015, I did the unthinkable….

…at least, that’s what I’ve been told.

Everyone thought I was crazy. But I didn’t care. Driving across six states in three days with three kids ages one, five and eight by myself, I’ll admit, sounded exhausting, but not impossible.

I knew what I was getting myself into. (Gulp…)

But a trip like that involved much more than just packing our bags and hitting the road. Are you kidding me? I wish it were that easy. I actually spent weeks planning our trip. And thanks to my obsession with planning, our trip was flawless.

So, in case you want to go crazy this summer and take a very long road trip with your crew (or even a much shorter one), read the following tips for how to make your family trip one where everyone comes back in one piece.

Read the full post on Thrive Global.

Photo credit: Kayla Butler at Ivory Mix

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