10 Things to be Thankful for All Year Round

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette

Thanks to social media, November has become the unofficial month of giving thanks via daily gratitude posts. However, practicing an attitude of gratitude all year round is something we tend to fall short at.

At least I often do.

It’s so easy to look around and only see the things we don’t have or the mistakes we’ve made. We gloss over the good. And we take much for granted.

Here are 10 things you’ve probably never thought to be grateful for:

1. Your body is like a machine. It knows when to blink, when to breathe, when to clot a cut, how to pump blood through your veins, and how to push waste through 20 feet of intestines! I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just thinking about how hard it works for us. Do you realize how stressful it would be if we had to remember to do all that AND pick up milk on the way home from work?

2. Speaking of milk, who is thankful that we have refrigerators that not only keep our milk cold (cause who likes warm milk, yuck!), but that can make ice and produce drinkable water on demand? Up until the 1920s and 30s, people still used ice boxes and the milk man-made daily deliveries. Now you can pick it up anywhere that has a fridge.

3. You do realize that whatever device you are reading this on is so far from what our grandparents imagined for the future. They remember when TVs and radios first became a thing. They would have loved to be able to have information right at their fingertips.

4. You don’t have to understand electricity in order to benefit from the simplicity of flipping a switch to power your lights. Before the modern grid, you’d have to rely on fire for your light source. And you went to bed earlier. Now, you can stay up all night if you want and never worry about the boogie man creeping through the shadows.

5. Unless you already own a horse, the idea of using one as your main source of transportation might make you want to puke. I mean, however crappy your current vehicle is (or public transit), there is something to be said about getting from point A to point B without smelling manure.

6. The roof over your freakin’ head! Mortgage, rent, utilities, yeah, yeah. Sure beats living in a tent, pooping in the bushes, getting bit by creepy crawlies, sweating to death, and taking a bath in a nearby river. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing. To which I’d ask, why the heck are you paying to live in a house then?!)

7. Modern (and alternative) medicine rock! Really, they do. I owe much of my health progress to doctors and practitioners. I can’t imagine how much crazier I would have gotten if I lived, say, 100 years ago. Not to mention that getting care back then for my anxiety and stress probably wasn’t a “thing.”

8. Oh, how I love the sun more during days following cloudy or rainy weather! Don’t you? I mean, without the sun, I’d be miserable. Literally. We need the sun to hit our beautiful skin to produce the vitamin D we need to feel good. Being in the sun boosts oxytocin levels, the hormone responsible for our state of happiness. If oxytocin levels are too low, we get depressed. There is a reason why some may get the winter blues! I’m always amazed at how awesome I feel after spending a little bit of time out in the sunshine.

9. Thinking big picture, our Earth has done so much for us. From the soil rooting trees that produce oxygen so that we can take deep, calming breaths, drawing oxygen into our blood so that our cells can rejuvenate and make us feel good! Oh my, what a beautiful cycle, right? I love it!

10. And last, but certainly not least, I’m grateful to be alive, ya’ll! Just that! Alive! Every day, I get to wake up and start a new day. I have the privilege of still being around to make a difference. Sometimes I’m just caring for my kiddos. Other times, I’m writing to ya’ll. But either way, I’m grateful to still have time to make my mark.

How about you? What are you grateful for?

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