The Power Of Releasing Worry, Stress, and Anxiety: How Your Brain Responds

Think of your brain as the President Of Problem Solving.

There he is, suit and tie, pacing back and forth between your ears, thinking 24/7.

(Or maybe she’s wearing a dress and rockin’ heels. I don’t know.)

And since your brain is responsible for problem-solving, where does that leave you?

What’s your job?

Well, it isn’t problem-solving, I’ll tell you that.

If both you and your Brain worry and stress about a problem, it causes another problem – a creativity shortage.

Your brain literally can’t access all your creative juices at your disposal when you get in its way.

And so, the best way for your brain to operate effectively is for you to step back and quit breathing down its neck.

The second you do, the second you let go and hand the baton over to your brain, the quicker the solution comes.

There have been many times in my life where I’ve made the decision to let go of something because it was driving me crazy.

Recently, I had to strip back everything from my life in order to bring my anxiety levels down to normal, for the sake of my pregnancy.

One of the things I let go of was my self-imposed obligation to write for my blogs. I had to let go of all the to-dos that were mentally running around in my mind.

My brain and I were butting heads, it seemed. I was barely writing, getting annoyed that nothing inspirational was coming through.

But as soon as I let go, as soon as I quit trying to problem solve, my brain did the work for me – literally within hours.

I’m doing so, I uncovered something, something that I should share with my community of readers:

Let go of whatever is stressing you out, whatever is creating a mental block, and your brain will do the background app refreshing for you.

It seriously will.

This is no different than when an inventor or scientist is stuck solving an equation, only to stumble onto the answer when he’s doing something totally unrelated.

Same thing.

Moving forward, in times of great stress and anxiety, step away from it all, as best you can, and you might notice a similar “ah-ha” moment.

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