One Parent Vs Four Kids: I’m Solo Parenting Again

With summer vacation in full swing (and a husband who finally returned to work after a second 5-week hiatus), it’s getting harder to find quiet time away from the kids.

Naps are only a thing the baby does, but she isn’t on a schedule.

And her nighttime sleeping habits are not consistent. Some nights she’s good about sleeping in her crib. Other nights, she’s all in my armpits.

So, basically, I can’t count on any time as being a ”sure” time to write or meditate or yoga or binge the first season of Big Little Lies.

But there is something I can be sure of, something that I have control over – my attitude.

I can either complain (in my thoughts) until I get a headache OR I can accept the situation for what it is and just go with the flow.

You may not see much from me in the coming weeks. But just know that I’m over here trying to make the best out of a crappy situation.

And one of the ways I know how to do that is to get away from consuming (books, blogs, feeds, podcasts, news, email, etc) so that I can focus on what’s right in front of me.

I just find that when I’m overwhelmed with the responsibilities of solo parenting, I’m better off cutting out the noise.

The extra just makes me feel out of control.

And I can’t have that. But that’s not the only way I plan on coping with my husband’s departure. In case you didn’t know, I wrote a guest blog post for Stay-in-Bed Mom Blog at the end of May addressing this very issue: 

Solo Parenting in Hindsight: 7 Things That Helped Me Cope with the Stress (Plus 4 Strategies I Didn’t Know Could)

Ending in May of 2016, I spent two and a half years at home, raising my kids solo while my husband worked far away. Those years alone, only seeing my husband every few weeks, were the hardest years of my life. It would be an understatement to call them exhausting.

That experience left me in a depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed state, but once I was able to dig myself out, and work through my pain, I bounced back.

But, honey, it wasn’t easy.

And I’m terrified that, if I don’t do this solo parenting thing right this time, I’m going to end up right back where I started (or worse).

I mean, I’ve added a fourth kid to the mix. How could that not make things harder? 

Check out the post to find out what other strategies I plan on implementing this go-round. If you have any other advice for me, leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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