How Broadband Internet Improved the Feng-Shui of My Living Room

living room with fireplace layout

It all started when two weekends ago we rearranged the layout of our living room.

never liked the way it looked, but we had no choice but to put our tv console against the wall with the cable jack.

I suffered for over a year. Ugh.

Then, on Christmas Day, we ditched our satellite service midway through our 2-year contract (yes, we had to pay an early termination fee).

But it made sense for us.

We’d cut cords in the past and only recently were forced to return to satellite when our current home had zero access to high-speed internet.

Talk about living in the boonies.

And while we are a household of just one t.v. (shocking, I know), we spend a fair amount of time watching it – so, despite our hard feelings against them, we caved and bought satellite.

It took a little time to adjust to things like the picture cutting out when it would rain – which tends to happen a lot around here.

My kids had to learn that they couldn’t just play their shows right from the beginning, realizing what it was like for me in the good ol’ days.

And aside from the lack of reliable Internet, we also had poor cell reception. 

In fact, we temporarily switched carriers to see if that would help. But after three months of suffering with even worse service from their competition, we switched back.

But despite all that, we made it work

Until one day, noticing an increase in broadband truck sightings, I decided to recheck Internet availability. Miraculously, we were finally eligible!

I was pumped!

Once it was up and running, I wasted no time in calling up our satellite provider to cancel. 


And it’s been the best thing for us.

Initially, we were just ecstatic to have lightning fast internet again. Between our crappy cell signal and an even crappier deal with a satellite internet provider who strapped us with a 10 GB data cap, I was dying!

Doing anything for my blog took three times longer than at the other house.

Hence, the reason why I didn’t post much between Sept 2018 and Oct 2019. It was just too annoying.

So now that all is right with the universe, I’ve been able to save a bunch of time.

Plus, bringing it back to what I said at the top of this post, Internet gave us the freedom to move our living furniture around so that it functions and flows better.

And boy does it flow so much better.

If you know anything about feng shui, you probably know that the door is one of the most important things to consider when deciding where to place your furniture pieces.

You never want to have your back towards the door.

Not in the living room or in any room.

So with our t.v. console on that wall where the jack is, our room never felt right. It was, as they say, bad feng shui.

Until we changed it.

No longer tethered to satellite, we moved the t.v. console to the opposite wall and pretty much flipped the living room layout.

Oh my gosh, what a difference!

The couch, opposite the t.v., now faces the front door. And I have an unobstructed view of my front yard so I can soak up all the morning sun and watch my kids play.

And the overall vibe around here, at least for me anyway, is less scattered – for sure!

My brain even feels less scattered and I feel much more focused.

It’s awesome!

So, if you want a simple way to shake things up in a big way around your house, consider removing what you don’t need and rearrange the rest to allow for a better flow of energy.

Google “feng shui tips” and I’m sure you’ll turn up all kinds of good stuff.

I spend sooo much time in my house that the last thing I need is for it to be an unnecessary cause of stress, too.

I’m so glad that I was finally able to fix the flow because it was, honestly, stressing me out. 

Hopefully, rearranging your space will help you not feel as stressed out, too.

So are you going to try it, too?

If you do, let me know what happens!

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