How Broadband Internet Improved the Feng-Shui of My Living Room

It all started when two weekends ago we rearranged the layout of our living room. I never liked the way it looked, but we had no choice but to put our tv console against the wall with the cable jack. I suffered for over a year. Ugh. Then, on Christmas Day, we ditched our satellite service midway through [...]

Surprising Stats that Might Help You Feel Better About Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

A good friend of mine shared with me a link a while back. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. But since she shared it with me, I figured it was worth thinking about. Apparently, our high school was asking alumni to share their successes. The goal being to help current students [...]

Why Your Mom Pooch Won’t Get Better by Doing Crunches (Spoiler: Because You Might Have Diastasis Recti)

I’ve always been tiny (ask anyone) and getting my abs back after pregnancy was never an issue. Until it was. After my fourth child was born, I noticed I still looked pregnant many, many months after delivery - which was NOT normal for me. Scratch that. I didn't really notice anything until my mom said [...]

#SoccerMom: How Signing My Daughter Up for Soccer Pushed My Parenting Skills to New Heights

This March, my nine-year-old daughter started playing soccer for the first time. After watching my son play in the fall, she asked if we could sign her up for the spring season. Turns out, she's a natural athlete, unafraid to hustle, fall down, and get right back up. Who knew? Off the field, she's bouncy, [...]

4 Bedtime Habits to Get You Mentally Ready for a Good Nights Sleep

A few weeks ago, while listening to an episode of the Melissa Ambrosini Show about blue light, I realized that my family's bedtime habits needed to change. When school started in August, I thought the early wake-ups would naturally shift all our circadian clocks into holy alignment and everyone would gladly fall into slumberland as [...]

Stay-at-Home Moms Could Turn this Book into the Next Bestseller (Review: “The Overdue Life of Amy Byler”)

"It would be hard to beat a man senseless with a plastic Hula-Hoop covered in sparkles, and yet for a long and rather pleasant moment, I consider trying."Chapter 1, "The Overdue Life of Amy Byler" by Kelly Harms This post contains links to Amazon. To read more about what this means, check out my affiliate [...]